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Haydeé Jiménez [aka hidhawk / Hi-D] d:construction

12. 12. 2012, 19.00 Uhr

The Computer Is My Instrument And The Mobile Audio Recorder My Accomplice. Taking Snippets Of Seemingly Random Moments, Deconstructing The Context, Fragmenting Intonations, And Then Letting My Intuition Lead The Creative Process, Allows Me To Explore The Intensely Immense Space Of Sound. The Social Interactions, Moments Of Human Behavior, Surfaces, Surroundings, Other Realities And Possibilities Live In These Recordings. I Look Through My [Musical] Bits And Collaborate With My Computer To Bring An Unknown Story Into A Musical Form.

Haydeé Jiménez / born 1981 in San Diego / raised in Tijuana, Mexico / cultural producer / electronic music composer / lives in Berlin