Fest zur Festspieleröffnung

Mimi Nakajima

Wind doesn't blow branches

25. 07. 2003, 19.00 Uhr

mutual fields special
19.00 | 21.00

In Kooperation mit den Salzburger Festspielen

"My performances develop from problems in my daily life which I try to observe in an optimistic way. As I start to find the truth of a question, my thinking moves toward philosophic conclusion, the territory of 'reason'. If I bring my conclusions back to reality, it creates a funny gap. That is what I want to express in performance. There is always some 'vagueness' in trying to clarify truth. It is quite difficult to express the vagueness itself, but I find performance a useful means of accepting it. In performance art people experience discovery through sharing time and place." Mimi Nakajima