New Ground, And Up!


Videos and Ideas about Pilot Television

23. 07. 2005, 19.00 Uhr

Lecture + Screening von James Tsang

Tara Mateik, Ulrike Müller, Marriage, Emily Roysdon, Stephen Remington, K8 Hardy and Wynne Greenwood, Lanka Tattersall, Megan Palaima, A.K. Burns, Math Bass

This lecture and video screening presents new work from a community of feminist and queer cultural workers, who encourage visible power through their intellectual projects. As marginalized communities, we are often located to the edge of difference, and are likely to reject the mainstream. At same time we sometimes want to recognize, to feel belonging, and walk in safety. The strategies of declaration are an ongoing, onstage sacrifice, to make complex concerns radically accessible in the name of coalition-building.

Pilot Television represents an experiment to engage with the public television format. As a cross-discipline video project, Pilot involves collaborative synthesis under the heading of "feminist trespass". The philosophy is to create a convergent environment where artists, media activists, and all kinds of "border crossers" can collaborate and share strategies. Additionally, as a site for performance and a polemic capital-free zone, Pilot functions to generate new perversions out from under the expected regimes of resistance.

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung ongoing. feminism & activism